Guide: Silent and Online Auctions Resources for Nonprofit Professionals

This also allows them to update their contact information and register their credit cards before bidding, which makes check in quick and easy at the event! Guests receive instant alerts if they are outbid, which keeps them in the bidding game. They are notified when the auction closes and are instructed to easily check out and complete their payment. With ReadySetAuction, there’s no need to bring in a small army of consultants.
silent auction donation enter a “bid” (the amount of money they are willing to pay) for each item they want. If someone else is interested in the same item, they may bid a slightly higher amount of money. Whoever has the highest bid when the auction closes WINS the item. If you are the winner, you go to the ISAAC booth to pay for and collect your item.
COVID-19 had forced her to cancel the association’s spring fundraiser. At first, Letitia thought she’d be able to relaunch the event in the late summer, but that wasn’t how things had progressed. She didn’t know when a live event would be possible, and meanwhile, she was facing a significant revenue shortfall. Auctions supported by Bidding Owl will be prepared to manage event logistics, promote their event, and stay organized from beginning to end.
Easily build, host, and manage your virtual, hybrid, or in-person auctions on Classy Live with your fundraising goal as the centerpiece. The team at Launch57 created Bid Beacon™ and has since helped thousands of fundraisers raise millions of dollars through our easy to use, self-managed program. Just a heads up, the third-party ads on the free plan have been reported as confusing to bidders, unsure whether they were part of the auction or not. We think the only ads that should be on the auction site are your organization’s and those of your paid sponsors.
With their software solutions, you can organize and maintain your ticketing, auction items, and other sales information all in one centralized location. Plus, they offer real-time reporting so you can stay up-to-date with bidding throughout your event. Benefit Events originated as an art auction service for nonprofits.
Not sure how to determine your guest list for your upcoming silent auction? Their software incorporates a combination of philanthropic and wealth databases to determine both an individual’s capacity (ability) to give and their affinity (willingness) to give, as well. As an auction item consignment service, packages from Auction Packages are free to offer at your silent auction.
Winspire’s strengths are found in its expert support staff and auction item flexibility. Winspire’s team has years of management experience and can help you sort out your silent auction odds and ends. Qgiv’s centralized dashboard and entire fundraising suite keep all of your silent auction campaigns in one place. This means that you can easily access event and registration activity, in-depth donor stats, and comparative event data over time. As a PTA or PTO member, hosting a silent auction may not be at the top of your list of specialties.